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Are you tired of overpaying on your car insurance? If you feel stuck overpaying, there’s good news. You can get cheap auto insurance by comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies and potentially switch to saving money instead of losing it. There are many discounts available to drivers today; it’s only a matter of finding the lowest quote that best fits your insurance needs. 

Have you taken the time to shop around and compare quotes to find the best rate specifically for you? It’s important to do your research before you purchase or renew your policy. You could be overpaying without even knowing it! That’s why it’s a great idea to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers and make sure you’re getting the most affordable rates.

Car accidents raise premiums considerably. If you are looking for insurance and have a previous history of “at fault” accidents, your premium can be anywhere between $130 and $700 in a six-month period depending on the insurance company. The price will depend greatly on the insurance company's collision claims coverage, but no matter what, your rates will go up. There is an unspoken “rule” within auto insurance: if you add negative driving history to your record, your premium will change. If you have recently been involved in an accident and your rates have gone up, shopping around to different auto insurance companies could help you save money if you switch providers. 

Every provider looks at different factors to determine your car insurance premium and if you don’t do your research before you purchase or renew your policy, you could be overpaying! That’s why it’s recommended that you research as many auto insurance quotes as possible in order to find the cheapest rate between companies, especially if it is time for you to make the switch to an insurance company whose premiums are lower than your current provider. 

Car insurance premiums will be estimated based on where you live, your driving record, and other factors like your age or the year your vehicle was made. Based on the data you provide, it’s easy to find the lowest rates on auto insurance with your specific parameters used to guide the process. To make sure you are getting all of the discounts available to you, it’s a good idea to compare quotes from at least 3 different insurance providers.

Thankfully, we have made the process of finding the cheapest insurance for your vehicle easy and all in one place. All you have to do is fill out one quote form and compare pricing from many different auto insurance companies. It’s quick and easy to save when drivers do their research. You can start comparing right now by entering some basic information about your vehicle and your zip code.

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**Disclaimer: The advertised rates were based on a 33 year old female married, homeowner driving a 2010 Honda Civic EX Sedan for 10,000 miles a year for pleasure with an above-average driving record, a bachelor’s degree, and choosing the state minimum coverage. Rates may vary by state.  Not all consumers will be matched to a provider that is able to supply the advertised rates. We cannot guarantee any specific auto insurance rate, premium, or policy. sparkautoinsurance does not advertise for any of the companies mentioned on this website. sparkautoinsurance is not a licensed insurance provider. If you are interested in receiving a free quote please fill our short auto insurance quote form which will refer you to licensed agents and Insurance providers.